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Generally available, now booking 2010/11

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Line up-3 musicians plus 1 manager:
TETSUSHI (rhythm, sequence)
YOSUKE (vox, mix, efx)
Plus Singer and Manager/Tech Support

RyukyudiskoWhat do you get if you combine the traditional sounds of Japan's most culturally vibrant island with the sensibility and coolness of the very hippest Japanese djs? The answer is Ryukyudisko. Ryukyudisko are currently one of Japan's hottest dj acts on the festival circuit, performing in 2005 at including Fuji Rock Festival, Rock in Japan and Rising Sun Rock Festival. The duo features twin brothers Tetshushi (RKD1 rhythm and sequence) and Yosuke Hiroyama (RKD2 vox, mix and efx) together with a female Okinawan singer and sanshin player Natsuki Nakamura. There must be something in the twin's understanding when they get on stage to perform their signature blend of Okinawan traditional music with techno. The contrasts in the music can hardly be more different; deeply rooted traditional Okinawan music and machine powered driving rhythms, yet in their hands it seems an entirely natural mixture. This sensational act have been picking up plaudits wherever they have played in Japan and in 2006 made their overseas debut at the City of London Festival.