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Exquisite sounds of Vietnam

Generally available, now booking 2010/11

Line up:
CHI KHAC, HO – dan bao (one string zither) BIC HOANG – vocals, K’Ni (stick fiddle) and various other Vietnamese traditional instruments including K’longput (bamboo pipes), T’rung (bamboo xylophone)

Khac Chi- Sounds of Vietnam are two of Vietnam’s finest musicians, performing on a variety of instruments and playing music from throughout the country. Their shows have been praised not only for their musical beauty and virtuosity but the sense of fun and energy they bring to their tradition. Chi Khac Ho, is one of the greatest players of one of Vietnam’s most representative and unique instruments, the dan bao, a one stringed zither. He was a professor at Hanoi Conservatory for 24 years before he arrived in Canada (where he is now resident) and is a renowned composer and researcher. Vietnamese music is often noted for its superb female vocalists, and Bic Hoang is one of the very best. Aside to her extraordinary voice she is also a virtuoso on the dan bao and a number of other, some very rare Vietnamese instruments. One of the instruments she is particularly noted for playing is the K’Ni, a stick fiddle with strings attached to a resonating disc held in the player’s mouth, and creating range of tones and evoking the voice.

A Khac Chi performance encompasses the classical, folk, ethnic and contemporary music of Vietnam. Their entertaining show offers a rare chance for audiences to sample (and even participate in) one of Asia’s richest and oldest musical traditions.