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Generally available, now booking 2010/11

line up

Pangaea 6 or 7 musicians: guitar, percussion, koto, ju-san-gen (13 stringed koto) x2, ju-nana-gen (17 stringed koto) shinobue, noukan, flutes) shamisen (lute) plus 9 monks- total touring party 15 or 16

Tatsuya Koumazaki plays an acoustic guitar made from Paulownia wood, the same wood as the traditional Japanese zither, the koto is made from. Therefore his guitar sounds rather like a traditional Japanese instrument. His group, Pangaea, plays traditional instruments, including 13 and17 stringed koto, shinobue and noukan (flutes), shamisen (lute) plus
percussion and feature a traditional dancer. The collaboration between Tatsuya Koumazaki and Pangaea and the Buddhist sect, Tendaisyomyo is totally unique, whereby Buddhist chants are accompanied by traditional and western instrumentation. They have released one CD 'Onkochishin' and have performed only on rare occasions in Japan and once at Basilicadi S.Francesco in Assisi (Italy).

In addition, Pangaea are available to perform playing a mixture of Japanese traditional and contemporary music.