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An Chang ProjectAn-Chang Project (Japan)

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Generally available, now booking 2010/11

Sanshin Sisters

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Albums, Monkey Harmonizing Songs (Tropical)

Line Up

NATSUKI HATTORI (electric guitar, percussion)

An-Chang Project feature, Yasuba Jun, Yoshie Uno of Shisars, and the brilliant electric guitarist, Natsuki Hattori. Yasuba Jun doesn't play the usual Okinawan sanshin, but it's older cousin from China, the slightly bigger sanxien. The group draw their inspiration from the usual ojisan and obachan (old folk) they observed singing and dancing in Okinawa and Pacific island influences which they mix into a utterly charming concoction. An-Chang Project have delighted audiences in many countries including the UK (Barbican) and Taiwan. They were the cover featured artist in the UK magazine fRoots in April 2000.