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Sachiho Kojima, (bass, percussion) Yoko Nema,(harmonium, percussion) Hiromi Kondou (percussion) plus one road manager, Yumiko Kawashima


Amana meaning 'Woman's Energy' and 'Harmony' are a three piece female group formed on the island of Okinawa, southern Japan, in 1997. The three of them met at a festival in Okinawa, featuring the well known local female quartet Nenes. Sachiho Kojima was leader of Japan's first and very successful female punk group Zelda, who went on to influence a new generation of Japanese musicians. Hiromi Kondo was leader of the group Dhinka Dyunku who played an African cocktail of music, while Yoko Nema was studying Indian classical music. It's this blend of influences that gives Amana their unique and refreshing sound, mixing Indian, African and Okinawan music and instruments.

Yoko plays the Indian harmonium, and the sanshin, the Okinawan snake skinned banjo. Hiromi plays the kalimba, djembe and balaphone, while Sachiho combines playing bass with a German instrument the raia. In 1998 they released their first self titled CD and celebrated with a beach festival in Okinawa. They then embarked on a nationwide tour of Japan, performing with legendary rock musician and their mentor Donto, who sadly was to pass away the following year. In 1999 Amana toured for the first time in their own right in Japan. Back in Okinawa, they started various social activities such as playing for school children and for the elderly. Their most extensive Japan tour took place in 2000 at 24 different locations, while in Okinawa they were joined on stage by Irish musician and producer Donal Lunny, and Osaka rock group Soul Flower Union.

Their first overseas appearance happened in Hawaii in 2002 to mark the three year anniversary of the death of Donto. The group have been attracting some more attention overseas, including a track licensed for a compilation of Japanese music released in Spain. In 2004 they performed in Barcelona at the Universal Forum of Cultures.