AMERICAN MUSIC: In the Beginning

The beginning of the 20th century produced some of America's most innovative and pioneering recording stars. Name such as Billy Murray, Peerless Quartet and Harry Macdonough were the revered idols of their day. Nevertheless, their talents and important contribution have largely remained ignored by the popular media and mainstream record companies, and therefore unjustly unnoticed by the record buying public. This 2 CD anthology, compiled by and with extensive liner notes written by Toyo Nakamura, Japan's foremost music journalist, sets the record straight, paying tribute to these forgotten heroes of American popular music.

Behind these 50 tracks, lay the roots of many American styles of music. The earliest forms of gospel, jazz, ragtime, blues and country; recordings of the music brought to America by its early immigrants from Ireland, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe. Alongside the forgotten names are legendary performers including Jimmie Rodgers, Jelly Roll Morton, Original Dixieland Jazz Band, Duke Ellington, Pine Top Smith and the Memphis Jug Band. With extensive liner notes and two and a half hours of music, American Music; In the Beginning is a much needed document on the most important story of American music that was never told.

Part 1
1. Billy Murray and Hayden Quartet -Yankee Doodle
2. Harlan & Stanley -Marching Through Georgia
3. Hayden Quartet-We Gather At The River
4. Criterion Quartet -The Unclouded Day
5. Norfolk Jubilee Quartet - Wonder Where Is The Gamblin' Man
6. Victor Minstrel Company -Virginia Minstrels
7. Len Spencer and Ada Jones -Heinie
8. Shannon Quartet- Let Me Call You Sweet Heart
9. Peerless Quartet Sweet Adeline
10. Harry Macdonough - Home, Sweet Home
11. Corinne Morgan Old Kentucky Home
12. Burt Shepard - Laughing Song
13. Billy Murray and The Great White Way Orchestra -Yes! We Have No Bananas
14. Al Jolson - The Spaniard That Blighted My Life
15. Bert Williams - Nobody
16. Mamie Smith - Crazy Blues
17. Frank Stokes- Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do
18. Jimmie Rodgers - Blue Yodel No.4
19. Emmett Miller - Ain't Got Nobody
20. Cliff Edwards - Fascinatin' Rhythm
21. Five Harmoniacs - Sadie Green, Vamp Of New Orleans
22. Ruth Etting - Sam, The Old Accordion Man
23. Billy Costello - The Original Popeye the Sailor
24. Gene Austin- Ramona
25. Helen Morgan- Bill

Part 2
1. Vess L. Ossman- Turkey In The Straw medley
2. 'Black Face' Eddie Ross - Ross' Reel
3. Michael Coleman Bag Of Potatoes
4. Will Ezel -West Coast Rag
5. Frank E. Banta and Howard - Calico Rag
6. Victor Military Band - Alexander's Ragtime Band
7. Handy's Orchestra Of Memphis - Fuzzy Wuzzy Rag
8. Dallas String Band- Dallas Rag
9. Souza's Band- La Paloma
10. Jelly Roll Morton- Tia Juana
11. Six Brown Brothers - Smiles And Chuckles
12. Original Dixieland Jazz Band- Palestina
13. Naftule Brandwein- Heiser Bulgar
14. Warsaw Theatre Orchestra- Polka Karasinskiego
15. Bennie Moten- Rumba Negro
16. Duke Ellington- The Peanut Vendor
17. Pine Top Smith- Pine Top's Boogie Woogie
18. Mound City Blue Blowers- Red Hot!
19. Memphis Jug Band - Jug Band Waltz
20. Pietro Deiro- Estudiantina Waltz
21. Prince's Dance Orchestra- Three O'clock In The Morning
22. Ben Selvin- Dardanella
23. The Benson Orch. Of Chicago- My Little Bimbo
24. Paul Whiteman- Side By Side
25. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey's Band- High Ridin' -Jungle Queen- Roses Of Memory- Stop It!